Rachel's Garden

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Rachel’s Garden is a project of the Goodlettsville Fire Department’s Kids Christmas Charity that will install a beautiful all accessible playground for the City of Goodlettsville.

Rachel West is daughter of Fire Captain Ricky West and a life-long resident of Goodlettsville. Her testimony made us sure that there is a need for additional park amenities that allowed all children of all ability levels to safely and joyously play together. Her story helped the GFD Kids Christmas fund decide that this project would be a benefit to the City and the dream of Rachel’s Garden was born.

Located at Peay Park and adjacent to the soon to be completed Splash Pad and the Delmas Long Community Center, Rachel’s Garden will be a beautiful and valuable addition to the jewel that is the Goodlettsville Park system.

In support of this project, the Kids Christmas established a separate account under its 501c3, the City has dedicated land and a preliminary design has been created. A kick-off meeting was held with stake holders to seek community input and to enlist them as ambassadors for the project. Fund raising has begun with an initial $20,000 deposit and ideas for future funding were solicited.

Rachel’s Garden is budgeted at $500,000 and the road map to our fund raising goal is challenging but highly achievable based on the generous track record of our citizens. It is our sincere hope that this project can be a community effort that creates new bonds between neighbors and strengthens those that have always been.

If you are someone interested in supporting this worthy cause, please reach out to us at the Goodlettsville Fire Department @ 615-851-2245 or email Kenneth Reeves

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